Productivity tool for frontend engineers

Automatize all common frontend tasks for easy, rapid and efficient design and development.

Quick start
  • Preprocessing

    The major HTML template engines and CSS preprocessors available in NodeJS can be used without any extra setup.

  • Live browser refresh

    All the changes are watched and when on file save, the needed files will be recompiled and the browser reloaded automatically.

  • Built-in HTTP server

    An HTTP server is built-in and used to run your application to be able to use any feature that would be run in a production environment.

  • Single command deploy

    Leaves projects can be deployed to Heroku, GitHub Pages or any FTP server in a single command. The project will be compiled, optimized and uploaded automatically.

  • Internationalization

    Internationalization is available without any extra setup and Leaves can generate a static website translated in several languages easily.

  • Highly extensible

    Almost all options in the project are easily configurable and additions and changes to the default build system can be done in a few lines.

Start in 10 seconds

npm install -g leavesleaves new mysitecd mysiteleaves
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